Do you have a licence?

Yes. We have a higher rate licence with Somerset West and Taunton Council. Our license number is Licence Number: A01 / 000279. You can view our licence online and it is also on display in our home, which can be seen when you visit.

What insurance and qualifications do you have?

We are fully insured with Petplan Sanctuary. We are also DBS checked, trained in Canine First Aid and I hold a Level 3 OFQUAL certified diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. We also have a lifetime of experience in caring for our own dogs, as well as friends and families, and guests who have been visiting Milos’s Dog Hotel since 2019.

How many dogs stay at any one time?

Our licence permits 6 dogs to board with us at any one time. I will ensure the needs and personalities are well matched, thus if required, limit guests so we are able to meet their needs and provide the personal care and attention they deserve.

Does my dog need to be social?

Yes. All guests need to be social with other dogs. You and your dog (s) will need to visit for a familiarisation session before I accept any booking. This enables you to see where they will be staying, and allows me to see how they interact and socialise with our dog Benji, as well as dogs we may have boarding during the time of your visit. I will not be able to accept dogs who show signs of aggression.

Do they need to be vaccinated?

Yes. All dogs need to be up-to-date with vaccinations, inclusive of kennel cough, at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. I will need to see a copy of their vaccination card annually. All guests need to be up-to-date with worm and flea treatment and I will keep a copy of dates administered.

Do you accept females in season and entire males?

We cannot accept females who are pregnant, in season, or due to be in season during their stay. If a female guest comes into season during their stay, you or your emergency contact will need to collect them immediately.

Sadly, we are unable to accept entire males.

If any dog marks in our home, we will respectfully request you or your emergency contact collects them immediately.

What will my dog do on a daily basis?

Your dog will live with us in our home. We have a 6-bedroom cottage and guests have full access downstairs, as well as a secure 1.5-acre field. Guests have their own dog suite and have access to this at all times. We play scent and ball games in the field, but also go out for long daily walks in the surrounding countryside. We like to give our guests the opportunity to exercise physically and mentally. On walks they can run, play, explore, swim and use their cleverest feature, their nose, exploring all the wonderful scents the countryside provides. On the weekends we will try and go to the beach when we can.

My dog does not have good recall, is this a problem?

If you are concerned about their recall, we can walk them on the lead; I do however ask they are well trained on the lead to prevent injury to ourselves. They have the opportunity to run and play off the lead in our field. I will do reward based recall work with them in the field as well.

Where will my dog sleep?

Dog Home Boarding Regulations (2018) stipulates that “every dog you are caring for must have access to a room for itself, where it can sleep, and be kept separate from other dogs”

We have converted our entire upstairs extension, which is within the home, and have 4 spacious dog suites. They have been designed with a dog’s favourite place in mind. We have the Beach suite, Seaside Suite, Field Suite and Meadow Suite. They are colourful and homely but equally have been built with DEFRA approved materials so they can be fully disinfected between guests staying with us.

Guests will eat their meals in their suite and will sleep in them overnight; the rest of the time they are playing, resting around the home, out on walks and having cuddles with us in the evenings.

I have more than one dog, can they sleep together?

Of course. Our suites are large enough to sleep siblings, and with written consent, they can sleep together. If they need to be fed separately, we can facilitate this as well.

My dog sleeps in a crate at home, can I bring it?

Yes. We will follow the routine your dog has at home and you are more than welcome to bring their crate. You will just need to provide consent when signing our terms and conditions and we request they are rust free with no sharp or broken edges.

What do I need to bring for their stay?

We ask you bring their own bed to sleep on overnight as this provides familiarity and a scent from home. We also ask you bring their food to maintain their usual diet. Alongside this, we will need their lead and any harness you use as well as coats, brushes and specific shampoo if they have skin allergies. We do have a selection of Ruff and Tumble drying coats, brushes, shampoo’s and conditioners if you are happy for your dog to use ours. When booking I send an “Owners Checklist” with all this information on.

My dog has raw food, is this a problem?

Not at all. We have many guests who are on a raw diet and we have a designated fridge and large freezer to store food in during their stay.

How old do dogs have to be before they can stay?

I will assess on an individual basis from the age of 6 months. Dogs need to be toilet trained during the day and night, free from chewing furniture, social with other dogs and trained on or off the lead. We have two children therefore guests cannot be boisterous and need to be friendly towards children.

How do I book?

In the first instance I request you send me an enquiry via the website. I can check if your dates are available, and will contact you to arrange a time for you and your dog(s) to visit for a familiarisation session. Upon a successful visit, I will email you the forms which need to be completed, alongside the invoice for their stay.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking, alongside the completed paperwork, and the remaining 50%, is due on day of arrival.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

Following a successful familiarisation session, I will email you some forms which need to be read, completed, signed and returned via email. These forms will only need to be completed once and include Client Information, Terms and Conditions and Vet Release form.

I also ask you email me a copy of their up-to-date vaccination card; this will need to be sent annually. I will also record the most recent date of flea and worm treatment for each stay.

What if you don’t have space for the entire stay?

If we do not have availability for the entire holiday then customers can arrange for friends or family members to drop off and / or collect on your behalf; this can be discussed when you send your enquiry. I will do my best to accommodate your booking.

What if I need to cancel?

Should you need to cancel, the 50% deposit is non-fundable. I request at least 8 weeks’ notice should you need to cancel. If you cancel less than 8 weeks of the arrival date, the remaining 50% balance is required.

If for any reason we need to cancel your stay, which would only happen in extreme circumstances, a full refund will be issued.

What if my dog does not settle?

Guests usually settle within hours of their first arrival. We always go out on a walk when they arrive so they can explore and have fun familiarising with other guests.

When completing the required forms, you will need to provide an emergency contact who can collect your dog if required. If for any reason your dog does not settle, or displays destructive or concerning behaviour, I will contact you in the first instance and request your dog be collected. If I am unable to make contact with you, I will call the emergency contact directly so arrangements can be made for collection.

How do you transport dogs?

We have a small van with secure transportation, which includes emergency exits should they be required.

My dog takes medication; can you administer this?

I am able to administer medication, however it will need to be in date and labelled with instructions provided by the Vet. I am not able to administer injections.

What happens if my dog becomes poorly during their stay?

I will call you immediately, however if you are not contactable, I will call your emergency contact. I request you provide registered veterinary details and will contact them in the first instance. I am however registered with a 24 hour vets and will contact them if your usual vet does not provide an out of hours’ service.

What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive I will greet you and your dog(s) at the front door. I request all arrivals and collections remain at the front door as we may already have other guests who have checked in and it allows me to focus on you and your dog. I will ensure their needs have not changed since their last stay and request you sign their boarding card, confirming that their vaccinations and worm and flea treatment is up-to-date.