About Us

Milo’s Dog Hotel was established in 2019 and named in memory of our beloved Milo. Adopted after being rescued at the age of 6 months, Milo went on to live till the grand age of 16 years old and had a wonderful life. Sadly, Milo passed away just before we opened, therefore we named the Hotel in his memory.

We are a family business and strive not only care for your loved ones, but provide them with the holiday they deserve so you can relax on yours.

Our family consists of me, Helen, my husband Simon, our two children, Noah and India, and last but not least, Benji our French Bulldog. Our children are very important members of our team as they are highly experienced in cuddles, playing games and walking. Benji misses Milo greatly so he also values the company of all guests and is extremely social.

Simon grew up with gun dogs in North Curry, and went on to foster dogs for Manchester Dog Home for several years whilst living there. Simon adopted Milo before moving back to Somerset in 2009, and we met shortly after. Eight years later Benji became the newest member of our family and we would often look after our friend’s dogs. Like many dog owners, they worried about leaving them and had a high expectation of how they should be cared for, which we fully understood. We had a dream to provide that level of care within our home, and in 2018 we began our journey in making our dream come true.

Dog Home Boarding Regulations were introduced in 2018 whilst our plans were underway. We worked with inspectors in Somerset West and Taunton Council to ensure we met every standard at the highest rate and achieved this is 2019 when we opened.

Guests live with us in our home, to which they have full access day and night, inclusive of a secure 1.5-acre field. We have a variety of beds and resting areas around the home, we go on daily walks in the local countryside and visit the beach at weekends when able to do so. At meals times and overnight, guests have their own suite within our home to ensure they can eat and sleep in peace. We have converted the whole upper extension to a high standard to ensure the suites are homely, but can also be kept clean as per the licensing requirements set by the Animal Welfare Regulations (2018)

We require that you visit with your dog(s) for a familiarisation session; this enables you to look around our home so you can ensure it is right for you. Please take a look around our site, look at our frequently asked questions and please don’t hesitate to send me your enquiry.

We look forward to meeting you and your loved ones in the near future.